Are you reading this page for real? Like, seriously? What brings you here? I don’t think I have anything interesting to say about me or a blog with some weird name without meaning.

Still want to read? Carry on then!

Who Am I?

My name is Parvez – a so-called computer geek with a passion for Information Technology. My obsession with gadgets and affection for cats met with my pleasure of writing and I ended up launching techstuffer.com. I am a full-time professional blogger who has been lucky to be able to do what he loves.

I started blogging as a teenager but stopped it when I could no longer spare time – thanks to a mediocre life cycle that led me nowhere.

Years later, when I got fed up with the life I was living, I decided to get back into the world of blogging. After being a full-time blogger and running a few successful blogs by now, I can say this was the best decision I ever took.

Tech Stuffer? What Does That Even Mean?

Frankly speaking: I don’t know! I have no idea what Tech Stuffer means. I happened to have some serious liking for ‘technology stuff.’ When I was buying a domain name, I couldn’t think of any ‘cool’ name and ended up choosing some weird name that is – Tech Stuffer.

My first blog had an even bizarre name that I don’t wish to recall.

I wasn’t good at names, it turns out.

What Do I Offer on Tech Stuffer?

Tech Stuffer used to be primarily focused towards topics like Apple, Microsoft, Google and WordPress. After realizing I couldn’t and didn’t want to run a ‘news’ site, I moved Tech Stuffer to a new path.

Now I share my knowledge and experiences of the blogging world. I want to see more successful bloggers like me. I want others to learn from my mistakes and overcome the hurdles of full-time blogging. I hope my experience will help other individuals shape their future in blogging.

Wait, That’s It?

Not really. After launching Tech Stuffer, I have moved on to live a completely different life – a life that I always dreamt of.

I now travel anywhere I can and try to learn a thing or two about life. I meet new people, try different food and snap some photographs along the way.

To share my journey, I have launched a new blog Parvezish.com where I share my travel experiences.

I am living a highly independent life in different locations, or trying to do the same, at least.

I have decided to continue blogging on Tech Stuffer, too. I come up with a new idea or learn something new once in a while and I share it on Tech Stuffer.

In fact, I do not wish to do away with this blog which has no direction or a ‘cool name,’ as they call it. I will try to continue Tech Stuffer for as long as I can. It’s where my new and improved life began, after all.

Work With Me

I am always looking for enthusiasts who hold interest in blogging. If you are interested in writing for Tech Stuffer, feel free to contact me.

If you’re an organization, I’d love to do business with you. Contact me for more information.

Your Privacy Matters

Tech Stuffer is strongly committed towards protecting its users’ privacy and providing pleasant user-experience. Tech Stuffer therefore adheres with strong Privacy Policy and Ad Policy.

Respect My Work

I spend countless hours and lot of money to bring fresh, original, and quality content. Please don’t copy my work for your benefits without giving me a credit.

© Tech Stuffer. All rights reserved. To use any portion of Tech Stuffer, a direct link back must be included. You are not allowed to direct link to any image or other media, even with attribution.

If you have any issue with content published on Tech Stuffer, contact me with details and nature of the issue.


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