Ad Policy

Tech Stuffer (and every user-accessible portion of complies with Ad Policy as described below. This Ad Policy is in place to clarify our use of advertisements on Tech Stuffer.

About the Use of Ads on Tech Stuffer

Like any other business and website, it costs us money to operate These expenses include domain and hosting charges, power charges, Internet charges, paying writers and web-designers and other miscellaneous expense.

For a website, ads serve similar cause as they serve to television, newspapers and magazines. Displaying ads on our pages help us receive payment which can be used for afore-mentioned expenses.

At Tech Stuffer we understand the importance of user-experience and therefore, we comply with the following ad policy to make sure we deliver a pleasant experience to our visitors.

Tech Stuffer Ad Policy

  • Tech Stuffer uses third-party ad network(s) (like Google AdSense) to serve advertisements and strictly complies with their policies.
  • Advertisements are displayed in a manner that they does not obstruct visitors’ view.
  • No advertisement shall be displayed in a way that forces visitors to view or click an ad before they can proceed to actual page on Tech Stuffer.
  • No page on Tech Stuffer shall display ads like popup or pop-under, full page ad, ad that requires you to click somewhere in order to see the content or any other aggressive ad methods that obstructs users’ view.
  • Any page on Tech Stuffer shall display a maximum of three ad units only which shall include banners, boxes or any graphical ad.
  • On mobile devices, we make sure to deliver optimized ads for better performance and reduced page load time.
  • No ad unit shall display irritating animated graphics and autoplay video or audio. Such ads shall be activated upon user’s interaction only.
  • Tech Stuffer will display ads only from trusted ad networks like Google AdSense and Amazon in order to protect users from malware.
  • Advertising publishers make use of cookies to deliver relevant advertisements to users. You can read our Privacy Policy to learn more how we make use of cookies.
  • Tech Stuffer¬†is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Once again, we thrive to provide smooth and pleasant user-experience to our users. If you have any issue, complaint or question regarding our Ad Policy or an ad unit, feel free to contact us any time.

We reserve the rights to modify this Ad Policy time-to-time as and when required.

Last Updated: 27th January, 2016.