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Apple Showing iPhone 6s Pop-Up Ad in App Store

iPhone 6s Upgrade Pop-Up in App Store
In an one of its kind event, Apple has started showing iPhone 6s pop-up ad in App Store. I usually check App Store at least once in a day. On Friday when I opened App Store, I was welcomed by a rather intrusive, full screen pop-up asking me to upgrade to ‘ridiculously powerful’ iPhone 6s. I took a screenshot and skipped the pop up. Only to realize later that it’s not me. Other iPhone owners have been seeing it too.

Apple has been never seen doing something this sort of. It is understandable that Apple want older iPhone users to upgrade to latest iPhone model this Christmas, but it is not expected this way. Earlier on every iPhone release, Apple used to send emails to users announcing the release in users’ country. This time around though, Apple seems to have changed its strategy.

iPhone 6s Pop Up Ad in App Store

The iPhone 6s pop up ad in App Store

This stunt by Apple is not being welcomed by users in obvious manners. A thread started on Reddit suggest that there are a number of users who saw this ad starting from Friday. Apple Insider has reported that the ads are seen only after upgrading to iOS 9.2 but I can confirm that this is not the case. I saw the pop up on my iPhone 4s which is running iOS 9.0.2.

It makes sense to guess that Apple started showing this pop up from Friday, two days after iOS 9.2 was released on Tuesday. I’m not sure what made Apple do this but to me, and a number of users, this is annoying.

A few users suggesting the appearance of iPhone 6s pop-up ad in App Store starting from Friday, 11th December.

Whatever the reason may be, but I’m not okay with Apple or any other company behaving this way. Pop-up and full-page ads are considered the most intrusive and most annoying ad types and a company like Apple doing this is surprising.

Apple could simply use other form of non-intrusive way to suggest users of older generation iPhone to upgrade to the ‘shiny’ new iPhone 6s. And besides, not every iPhone is always capable of upgrading.

After Friday, I haven’t noticed this ad. I guess it was a one time show by Apple to tell the users – “Hey mate, why are you using an old iPhone? Don”t you know there’s a new iPhone out there? Go grab one now!”

Not cool Apple, Not cool!

P.S.: I think I should have clicked on the link. It could be a Christmas gift, may be? I guess that’s why I saw it once only! Looks like I missed the chance. 🙁

Did you see this pop-up too? Let me know what device and iOS you are on.

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