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Instagram Stories Are Now Available on Your Web Browser

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Use Instagram on the web using a browser? Now you can watch Instagram Stories in your mobile and desktop browser, too.

Okay, I am yet to see this feature my self, but Instagram Stories are now available in your web browser. The Instagram team just posted this update on their blog which also states that it could take some time before everyone can enjoy Stories outside the Instagram app.

With the stories feature now available on the web, you can view them on your mobile or desktop browser. Prior to this update, Instagram Stories were only available inside the Instagram app.

Instagram Stories Now Available on Web Browsers

On a mobile browser, you will see fresh stories on the top of the feed. On a desktop browser, you will see them on the right. Needless to say that you need to log-in to your Instagram account first.

Currently, this update allows users to only view stories. But Instagram has suggested that the ability to upload stories from web browsers is coming soon. The upload feature will only be available on mobile browsers, though. As The Verge reports, Instagram has no plans to bring the ability to desktops.

Instagram introduced the stories feature almost a year ago in August 2016. Stories – a feature lifted from Snapchat – is now highly popular on Instagram. Over 250 million users use the feature every day – a figure that is larger than the whole userbase of Snapchap itself.

It is clear that by bringing the stories feature on web browsers, Instagram wants to attract even more users towards the feature.

What about you? Do you like the Instagram Stories feature? Who does it better? Instagram or Snapchat?

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