LG Nexus 5X Update Fixes Sluggish Performance and Other Issues

LG Nexus 5X Update

Google has started rolling out an OTA update for LG Nexus 5X which fixes a number of issues including performance lag and connectivity issues.

After receiving complaints about sluggish performance of LG Nexus 5X, Google today announced the availability of an OTA update. The latest OTA update is aimed towards fixing performance and connectivity issues and improving overall stability of LG Nexus 5X flagship.

An entry was posted on Reddit by a Google Employee to announce the OTA update. The entry made by Nexus Community Manager -Orrin stated that Google is aware of some issues reported with Nexus 5X and that the OTA update will begin rolling out today. The entry also stated that the March security update will also be included with today’s OTA.

“An OTA update will begin rolling out today for the Nexus 5X,” wrote Orrin. “We have listened to your feedback, and this update includes a number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance on the Nexus 5X. The March security update will be included with this OTA for the Nexus 5X.”

Some of the issues addressed in today’s OTA update are are follows:

  • General slow/sluggish performance
  • DND next alarm disappearing issue
  • Bluetooth/WiFi improvements
  • Carrier-specific bug fixes

According to replies posed to the thread, the update also fixes sluggish performance of LG Nexus 5X Camera. Non-responsive performance of camera was most widely reported issue.

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Source: Reddit

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