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Since 2014, I have been sharing my views, knowledge, and experience regarding technology, gadgets, digital privacy etc. through I have relied on advertisements to earn some money — just about enough to keep this site running.

Lately I have grown conscious about digital privacy – mine and my readers’. And I think it’s time I removed those ads that track my readers while looking for a way to earn. With most visitors using an ad blocker and/or a privacy-focused browser anyway — things I recommend in my own articles — a traditional ad platform like AdSense is no longer a viable (or privacy-friendly) way to make sustainable income.

If any of my articles or tutorials have helped you today, please support my work. Your donations will help me get rid of ads and hopefully make a sustainable income to continue running

You can either donate though digital currencies or PayPal. If you don’t wish to directly provide monetary support, you can also use my affiliate links below to buy some products from Amazon or buy hosting, domains etc. from providers that I use and recommend.

I am glad you decided to visit this page and I thank you for your time.

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